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We make custom body coverings for classic cameras
Your classic might be a $5000 digital rangefinder or a $10 Sears SLR. Whatever you've got, and whether it's used heavily, occasionally, or just for display, we'll help you recover it with something that fits great and looks awesome.
You can renew your favorite 35mm SLR with a tough pebbled leatherette, self-adhering and pre-cut to fit exactly, for less than US $20. Covering sets for larger format cameras start at US $26. We also have a range of alternate colors and materials in synthetic or leather. You can choose originality, luxury, utility, or you can go completely nuts.
Our covering sets replace all the original leatherette on your device, including the small bits. We've made them here in Vermont USA since 2001.

You can do it

. . . by working patiently and safely, using basic hobby skills. You don't have to be a repair tech to replace the leatherette on most cameras, and you don't need advanced hobby skills to do a good job. A perfect job is divided in 2 parts: thorough camera prep and careful leather application. Each supported camera has a twin rating, to reflect the time and effort needed for each activity.

Recovering to a high standard isn't hard, but it's not totally intuitive, either. So, take time to read the support sections here. You'll find solutions to issues you haven't considered . . . you may end up choosing a different cover, or working with another camera. Or you may decide to keep the original leather you were ready to strip off. You'll exceed your expectations by knowing what your best choice is, and how to do a great job, before starting your project.
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Buying from us

Ask us to send you an invoice for your exact choice(s). You can pay with any card, Paypal, Venmo, or Apple Pay. We can usually give discounts for 3 or more sets cut from the same material. Camera repair techs, dealers and re-sellers are welcome to email us with their needs.

Within the US, shipping is $4.40 for tracked 2 to 6 day delivery. FedEx 2-Day delivery is $8 to $10. Priority Mail is $9.60 and recommended for Military Mail addresses.

To most other countries we ship by USPS First Class Package Service for $19 to about $22. Tracking is included but isn't consistent within some destination countries.

There's no longer an inexpensive way to export inexpensive items from the US; international shipping costs have risen dramatically since 2018. Also, there are no longer any VAT exemptions in the EU or UK, for US imports. You may have to pay VAT upon delivery. Some of our packets aren't charged anything; we just can't predict it . . .

All our parts have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Return them for any reason for a full refund.