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posted April 9 2018 


Recovering service

Welcome to, makers of pre-cut custom body coverings for classic and contemporary cameras.  We strive to make a product that looks and feels great, is long lasting, and is easy to apply for the hobbyist and the repair professional. If you're not familiar with our product, your first stops should be our FAQ and support sections where you will see just how easy it is to recover your own camera, whether it is a lifelong companion, or something you want to renew prior to selling or trade-in.

You can choose to recover your camera in a fine-looking black vinyl for about $10, or any number of colors and types of leathers, including embossed and natural grain skins of the highest quality.

All of our leatherette and genuine leather kits are custom cut to order for your camera. Each kit is adhesive backed for quick application . . . you will never need to cut or use glue.

Browse by camera type or leather type.  To see all the available leathers, follow the "colors & materials" link above, and to look at supported camera groups, see the links below . . . or jump to the full listing.
We also offer professional installation of all our coverings.  Email us for more details and how to send your camera here safely for the work.

There are always new camera kits under development. This site is extensive, so get yourself a cup of coffee and spend some time looking through all the sections below. . . it's well worth your while to browse camera makes other than your own, since the full scope of offerings can't be conveyed in any single section. You can buy securely online using any credit or ATM card, or from your PayPal account, at our online purchase page

And if you have any questions about the site or your camera, drop us a note here

>>> Our kits require no cutting . . . each piece is cut precisely to fit the matching area on your camera.
>>> Our kits require no glue . . .  the adhesive is already laminated to the back.

Contax and Yashica SLR's Canonet Olympus OM

Olympus Pen SLR's leica_m
Contax & Yashica Canonet Olympus OM Restoration Leather
Canon S90 Olympus Pen SLR Leica M

Pentax M42 and K-Mount Minolta SLR's
Click here for the complete list of supported cameras

Olympus 35mm lens shutter argus RF Polaroid SX-70
Pentax SLR (M42 & K) Minolta Autocord Minolta SLR
Olympus RF/VF Argus RF/VF Polaroid SX-70, Alpha 1

Leica thread mount Kiev
Leica Thread Mount Nikon SLR Rollei TLR Yashica TLR Kiev 88 Hasselblad Linhof Technika

Leitz Binoculars new

Genuine Leather Kits:  Until our start in 2000, this type of work had been the exclusive domain of professional camera restorers or leather craftsmen. All our leather kits are designed to be installed by the hobbyist with no glue needed for an exact, permanent application. We hear from many customers who can't believe they were able to do such a professional looking job. We offer full support after the sale, and all our kits have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Return them for any reason for a full refund.

Black Replacement Leatherette Kits: You can order leatherette in black and several colors for any camera listed. Several textures of black are available. Our VH Black pebbled vinyl kits are great looking, inexpensive, and all standard kits are available for same day shipping.  The leatherette kits are precisely cut and easy to install, with the same self adhesive back found on our real leather kits. They're the easiest, least expensive way to make a camera look new again. Follow the "colors & materials" link above to see the full line of available materials.
How to order . . .
You can place secure online orders directly from our online purchase page.  Most of the leathers we offer can be bought online . . . a few materials not on the drop-down menus at the online order page are by special order and should be requested by email.  We're happy to answer all inquiries, and to discuss kits for cameras not shown. (We depend on your input for guidance in making up new patterns.)  Please note:  Before asking us a general question, you may find your answer quicker on the FAQ page which addresses the most basic issues. 
We can also accept most forms of payment by mail, in US dollars. Just send us an email and we will provide our full mailing information.

Please note: we can get over 100 messages a day, and on Monday morning we have an enormous stack of mail sent since Friday P.M.  It usually takes more than a day to clear the backlog.  But we do answer every inquiry, no matter how complex your question is (or how obscure your camera is!)
Thanks for looking . . . . and check back often!