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There are 14 leather patterns for the Autocord series. We fully support 10 of them.

The leather pattern is a pretty good way to identify your specific model of Autocord. Some leather patterns are shared with more than one variant. The TLR's introduced before 1955 by
Chiyoda Kogaku -- such as the Minoltaflex and Minoltacord -- are not listed here, although there is some overlap of "Autocord" leather parts with the earlier cameras. We do support the late version of the Minoltaflex I.
Recovering the Autocord requires an effort similar to others in this class. You'll need to remove the strap hangers, and it's helpful to also remove the accessory shoe and tab for the multiple exposure clutch. Watch out for the logo on the top, which can pop off along with the old covering. As always, you'll get the smoothest and most satisfying results only if you get the target surfaces very clean and free of all traces of old adhesive. Get the narrow channels of the "moat" on the waist level finder completely clean, which may take a little time.

To specify the right covering parts for your version, refer to the illustrations below.

Autocord CDS I with VH Black leatherette

Back door?
Your set will replace ALL the original leatherette, including the BACK DOOR, the SPOOLS and the TRIPOD HUB. They aren't shown here, since they're the same across the series.

You can request a set by number, or if you're not sure what you need, send us one or more photos of your camera. Sets 04, 05, 13 and 14 are not fully supported yet.

There are a couple (or more?) eccentric versions that aren't shown here, but we can accommodate them:
1) A very uncommon variant of the LMX has no lever for multiple exposures, although the cavity and feature still reside underneath the old covering.
2) Some examples of the CDS I have a light meter pod centered slightly off from "normal".

More Autocord photos coming soon!