Leather colors & types for Autocord

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All the Autocords are supported . . . at least until someone shows up with one that isn't. The earlier Minoltaflex is now supported, although we don't have photos yet.

VH Black vinyl leatherette, shown at left, is a great looking inexpensive covering for any Autocord. The texture is a bit finer than the early style leatherette, and at just $16.50 for the full set, it will help keep you in Medium Format for a few years more. The later Autocords have a heavier pebble covering, and we don't yet have a similar material.

Griptac Charcoal black leatherette, shown at right, is a bolder covering that's also available in grey. This material provides an extra measure of grip where you don't expect to find it on a camera of this type. The edgy texture gives this very cool camera just a bit more WOW.

Applying the new covering is straightforward. Make sure you remove all traces of old adhesive, or else you may see bumps under the new covering.  For the best application, you should remove the "cold" flash shoe (4 slotted screws) and the strap lugs (2 screws).  The camera shown here has the strap lugs off.  You don't have to take off the cold shoe, as long as you trim that part of the covering that lies under the shoe.

Our Autocord kits replace all the original covering parts, including the small round covers for the knobs and spools.

Most Autocords 1955-1965
CdS, 220 1965-1966
CdS,220, late Autocord 1965-1966

Take a look at the patterns above, which serve only as a guide to some of the differences that can be found within the Autocord group. For most Autocords, the only things you need to let us know, are:

1) Does your camera have the light meter (Hole #3)
2) Does your camera have the logo on the top? (Hole #4)
3) Does your camera have either of the 2 holes on the crank side? (Holes #1 and #2)

The blue and the orange illustrations show you some of the variations found on a smaller family of later cameras, and include:

1) The crank side of some later cameras has a different layout than earlier cameras.
2) The hole for the light meter does not have the scalloped outcrops for the 3 attaching screws.
3) On the front lens panel, the bottom and right side parts are cut differently.